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Call for Applications: Create and deliver a series of wooden wall-mounted artworks and workshop(s)



The Twt Beech Project was set up to follow the uses the wood from a 240-year-old beech tree was put to, after being felled in Cowbridge, South Wales in 2018. We’re now seeking an artist/ craftsperson who is based in Wales to produce four or six wall-mounted works, primarily using wood from the tree (up to 50cm x 50cm, some mixed media may be used) to be hung at indoor locations through the town. Project to be completed by 24th May 2020.


Themes for the series of individual pieces might include such things as: Local/ Welsh history; Local/ Welsh landscape; Environmental concerns/ sustainability – but in the end that’s for you to consider and propose.


We have no preference for traditional or contemporary styles and methods of working – all proposals are welcome. Ideally, we’d like to prioritise proposals that include an element of community participation here in Cowbridge (you may need to have public liability insurance if running a workshop, depending on what you propose). This could be design workshops that influence the final pieces or community workshops to create parts of the final pieces or workshops/demonstrations that share the methods and techniques the maker uses.


We’re hoping to find an artist/ craftsperson with a proven record of working to deadlines and to a recognised high standard, but in the end the decision will be made in favour of the most appropriate proposal received.


The fee for the series and workshop(s) is £3000, or £2400 if you’re unable to offer workshop(s), which will cover all costs and delivery by the deadline (wood from the tree will be supplied free of charge).


Proposals should include:

6 images of your practice;

A current CV;

Up to 500 words telling us about your work and any similar projects you have delivered before, describing (along with drawings) the work you propose to make and any community involvement you may be able to offer.


Proposals should be emailed to:



Deadline for proposals: 10th February, 2020. The final decision will be made by the Twt Beech Project Committee by 17th February 2020.


For more information on the project, please visit


If you’d like to discuss anything, please contact us at that address.

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