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This page will document the process and final outcomes of each contributor to the project.

16th February, 2018: The final section of the tree being located in Twt Park. All sharp edges have been removed, and we're waiting to see if the Council can allow it to remain in situ for the children to play on.

1st Colwinston Brownies


While the tree was being taken down, Jackie Murphy, Leader of 1st Colwinston Brownies gathered some of the small twigs for a Valentines project she was planning with her group.  


The Brownies used the twigs to make a Valentines family tree hanging hearts with the names of the people they love on (mum/dad/brother/sister etc.).


With the remainder of the twigs they are going to make a Brownie Promise tree: as new Brownies come into the group they will write down what the promise means to them and hang it on their Promise Tree. As part of the promise they will talk about how promises are to be kept and link that into the lifespan of the tree. 

What a wonderful thing to do. We're delighted that the children have achieved something so special with the outermost parts of our tree - and from the smiles on their faces, it's apparent that they're delighted too!

Nancy Evans, Beech and willow basket.

In this piece, Nancy has used twigs from the outer extremities of the tree and combined them with locally-grown willow to create a beautifully coloured and textured basket.

Paul Bartlett, Spoon and scoop with small bowl.


These lovely pieces have been hand carved using green wood from the tree.

Poppy from the Global Gardens Project

(one of the five People's Projects in Wales) has just collected 9 pieces of the Beech to grow mushrooms on for a community project in Cardiff. She will record what happens and hopefully produce some for our forthcoming wood fair (details to follow!) or the final project exhibition. 


Photo of her and Jack collecting the Beech. 

Y Bont Faen Primary School, Cowbridge

The children in Year 1 visited the tree before it was taken down, took photographs (it was a cold day!) and each did a painting of it. We think you'll have to agree that they are wonderful!

They have been photographed in groups of four, with first names listed below in the corresponding position. Hopefully that makes sense!

Congratulations to the children of Y Bont Faen!

Talia, Llewellyn

Isabelle W., Grace

Oliver, Finnbar

Nico, Amber

Aeryn, Owen

Daniella, Fletcher

Lexi, Indianna

Louis, Fletcher

James T., William

Evan, Stanley

Isabella, Molley

Nathan, Steffan

Max, James P.

Alex, Holly

Alys, Louis

1st May, 2018: First (small) section of the tree to be milled ready for our forthcoming Woodfair (details to follow) - this wood will be used for making stool seats in one of our workshops!

Paul Bartlett, large dish

The hand-hewn dish is approximately 25 x 50cm - carved from green Twt Beech, sold to a customer in South Africa! 

Chris Short, Small bowl

The bowl was turned wet (30% moisture content), almost straight from the tree, and left in the wind, rain and sunshine for a couple of weeks. This is the result (after a quick application of boiled linseed oil)...

Frank Hartles, The Eye of the Beech


Work in progress - looking like it'll be a fabulous piece!


Chris Short

Twt Beech Bowls, finished with Chestnut Food Safe Finish, Diameters 25cm - 29cm.


Paul Bartlett

Twt Beech Stools - Photos of work in progress and fantastic final results!


Frank Hartles

Shallow fruit bowl (32 cm diameter) - a great looking piece with some bark included.



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Alaskan Mill

Ewt testing the kit before setting about some of the larger sections of the Twt Beech!

(Wood) Craft Fair

26th and 27th May, 2019

Thanks to all those who came along to join us this weekend. Sunday was a bit of a wash-out but Monday was pleasant enough (especially if you like spending the day in a wind tunnel!). 
Next year we're planning a bigger event and an exhibition of all the things that have been made with the beautiful Twt Beech tree - watch this space!

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